Tandem Bike Teamwork

A sunny day in the city means you have to go out and take advantage of it (until about 3pm when the fog rolls in), because for all we know, the next nice day we have could be in August. Anyway, my sweetheart of a friend Jessica braved the Bay Area traffic and getting lost so we could bike the Golden Gate Bridge. Except things didn’t exactly happen the way we planned.

The moment we saw the bright red Schwinn tandem bike, we knew we had to ask about it. Despite the common nickname “divorce bike,” we mastered this bugger and had all sorts of fun biking up and down Chrissy Field. Once we got on for a practice run, we vetoed the Golden Gate Bridge; we probably would have run down some innocent tourist trying to get across despite our maneuvering expertise (ha!).

tandem biking sf

It was pretty tricky to get a hold of proper tandem biking technique – luckily, neither of us got any teeth kicked out, bruised shins, or experienced a friendship fall-out. Go teamwork!


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