Cherry Blossom Season

UW Cherry Blossoms

The University of Washington campus is gorgeous – the old gothic-style and brick buildings make it feel so academic. Nothing like the concrete jail-like ’70s architecture that characterized my days at UCSD. As luck would have it, we caught the cherry blossoms the weekend I visited to see the apartment and move some stuff up. Don’t the cherry blossoms look like little clouds of cotton candy on sticks? How dreamy.

UW Cherry Blossoms

On another note, the availability of free parking here baffles me. My morning at the UVillage:

“This place is so nice.
Wait…is parking free?
(Unintentionally yelling at poor unsuspecting Wilson)
Why is it free?! Do they know how much money they could make off this lot?!”

Obviously, my time in San Francisco has made me an opportunistic capitalist skeptical of the fact that free parking exists anywhere in a metropolitan city.


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