Goodbye, San Francisco

After four months of planning, it finally came: moving day! To my relief, everything important fit in the car. After a scheduling goof-up, the car rental company placated us with 4Runner (thank goodness) which drove like a tank, and the 13-hour drive was pretty uneventful. We didn’t even break into the 5-hour energy stash. On a side note, our drive through Oregon was absolutely gorgeous, we’ll have to go back for a weekend trip one of these days.

moving to Seattle

It’s been so awesome living in San Francisco – I hope Seattle has the same amount of energy, quirkiness, and limitless food options. Luckily, my separation from the city won’t be permanent (monthly trips for work, woohoo!), so grandma, Ice Cream Bar, Bi-Rite, John’s Deli, and Super Duper Burger – I will be back!


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