Strawberry picking in Carnation

It’s so strange to me that you can drive 20 minutes outside of Seattle and you’ll hit the countryside. I blame my LA upbringing, where you have to drive  an hour through urban sprawl just to get to your cousin’s house on the west side. Anyway, I found out it was the opening of strawberry picking season in Carnation, so naturally I had to have Wilson take me early Sunday before everything got picked through. At $1.99/lb, I think we OD’d on them a bit. Although with all the hard work the picking takes, I think we’re good on berry picking for a while. They were super delicious, though!

2013-06-23 11.16.42

Now it’s time to bust out all the strawberry recipes: strawberry lemonade, muffins, tarts, smoothies… you get the idea.


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