My best friend’s wedding

This past weekend, my absolutely gorgeous bestie Nicolette got married to the man of her dreams. Beth and I were her right-hand women. It was such a fun and beautiful celebration – and after all the festivities it’s weird to be back in Seattle and back to the daily grind.

It’s funny how weddings get you all nostalgic and a little bit sad about how time flies and we’re somehow grownups now. Who is this elegant, lovely woman who used to cut 6th period with us? Our trashy TV buddy, passenger of my top-speed-of-40-mph-car with while singing at the top of our lungs, and accountability partner who would throw rocks at my bedroom window at 6am in the summer to go running? Somewhere in there we became responsible adults. Anyway – I love Nico to pieces and am so so heart-happy for her and David to start the next chapter of their lives together! (In Seattle, no less – get back from your honeymoon already!)

If we’d thought about it more a little earlier – and not after the fact – we could have written her a kick-ass bridesmaid speech. 🙂



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