Happy hour for coffee fiends

starbucks reserve roastery

For yesterday evening’s girls’ night, Nico and I decided to depart from our usual boozy happy hour to try the new-ish Starbucks Reserve Roastery over in Cap Hill. It’s been on my radar ever since it opened last year, but word on the street is that the lines to get in are ridiculous, so I’ve avoided it.

Well, the perfect time to go is on a rainy Wednesday evening. I knew it was an impressive space, but totally didn’t expect to get blown away. The Reserve Roastery is seriously the nicest coffee shop (can you even call it that? It’s more like a tasting room/warehouse.) I’ve ever been in, period. It’s part Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, part science lab. Complete with so many choices of coffee it was kind of intimidating, kind of like reading through a huge wine list. We finally decided on getting the Pantheon blend and it was deliciously deep and nutty – I don’t usually feel like I need to buy a bag of beans after having a cup of coffee, but for this one, I’ll be stocking up (and of course there’s a limited supply. blargh).



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