The UP house

Up house

The other night, on our way back from Wilson’s birthday dinner (which, by the way, involved 3 rounds of dessert at 3 different locations, because why the heck not?) we decided to swing by the Edith Macefield house – the house that inspired the UP movie. It’s so strange that I used to get groceries here when I lived nearby (there’s a Trader Joe’s in the plaza), and never even realized it was hidden in the back. Unexpectedly, we found a sign and a bucket of balloons tied to the fence asking everyone to write their message to Edith on a balloon and tie to the fence – so perfect, right? The house has been up for auction/sale for a while and the latest I heard, the home is going to be lifted up and a park will be put in beneath it. Looks like there’s some work being done on it already. I’m eager to see what it looks like once it’s completed!

up house



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