Spring dream

spring wreathIt’s spring in Seattle, and most people here have had enough of this dreariness. Yes, the days are getting nice and long, and we get sunny days here and there, but I’m itching to go around in shorts and a T-shirt already!

While we wait for our Vegas trip to get closer – May, come sooner! – and watch friends visit the Bahamas/Florida/Hawaii/other sunny places, we’re working on prettifying the yard. Last weekend, we trimmed the trees, planted some climbing roses, ripped up some ivy, put up a low retaining wall with cinderblocks, and installed a raised garden bed – with a big thanks to Wilson for most of those. Little did we know, cinderblocks weigh a ton. Pretty productive weekend, right? Now comes the fun part – figure out to what to plant!

(Photo is of the spring wreath I made – I decided to depart from flowers and go for vegetables instead. I love the bright colors!)


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