A summer in the life of Molly

I absolutely love having Molly stay with me in the summer. She’s definitely a little princess in our family, and since my phone has so many photos of her, I thought I’d share a few. Here’s what a summer in the life of Molly looks like.

The face I wake up to each morning. (I know. It gets cuter.)

Molly poodle

Followed by a commute across the bridge to Wilson’s office. I have the best commute buddies.
Molly in the carAn exciting day at Wilson’s office includes: following him around to meetings, getting lots of treats from coworkers who are charmed by her cuteness and good behavior, hanging out with the other dogs of the office, running down hallways, and sniffing out Hammy the hamster in his hamsterball. 
When she does not go to the office, Molly likes to hang out by the front window, patrolling for squirrels, rabbits, cats, and kids getting off the school bus.

Molly at the front window

On the weekends, sometimes we’ll go to backyard bbqs and Molly will beg for some cheese.

Molly partying it up

Other times, we go the park. Molly is not a fan of the water and much prefers to roll around on the grass with her friend, Zoey. Molly at the park

Or, we’ll go to outdoor movie screenings and she’ll sneak some carne asada from the food truck burritos. She really liked the last showing of Tangled, and offers her services as a lap-warmer when it gets chilly.

Molly at Marymoor park

Sounds exhausting, right? Don’t worry, Molly also spends lots of time sunbathing on her favorite spot on the deck. Don’t forget, she’s a Calfornia dog at heart.

And at the end of the long day, there’s nothing better than snuggling with her humans on the couch.

Molly on the couch

Well there you have it! As you can see, Molly is quite the busy pup with a packed social calendar. Now if you can excuse us, she needs to go patrol the neighborhood for trespassers.


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