3rd of July

Nope, that’s not a typo. This year, Wilson and I hosted the 3rd annual 3rd of July party. Since so many people go out of town/visit family during the weekend of the 4th, we moved the friend celebration to July 3rd a few years ago, and a tradition was born. It’s definitely one of my favorite get-togethers: beautiful weather, tons of food, and long nights to hang out and chat the night away. Can I just say that I love summer?

Here’s a kind-of group picture (we’re still missing people). The official one is on Wilson’s camera, and that could take months to retrieve, despite my daily reminders. Love these guys – they are our literally our family away from home!

2015-07-03 19.53.54

And here’s my favorite with all the ladies –

2015-07-03 21.24.50

It was also all sorts of doggy pandemonium (the best kind) – and many scraps of hamburger were given. Hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend!


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