Bark at the Park!

I’m don’t normally get excited about baseball games, but let me bring my dog and I am all about it. I had looked up tickets a few months ago but they were sold out, so I totally pounced when someone at work was selling some extras. It was so fun to see all the dogs and owners decked out for the game – there were little dogs with ears dyed pink, Great Danes that sat a head above everyone else (hilarious), and Burmese Mountain dogs that napped through the entire game. We had a pair sit next to us at the game, and I gave one of them a treat – it was a weird sensation getting my entire hand slobbered over in the treat-delivery process.

Here’s a snapshot of the line to get in – such a raggle-taggle group!

2015-07-09 19.37.18I like to think that Molly enjoyed herself thoroughly at the game – she wore some Mariners gear, sniffed lots of dogs, ate some chicken strips and dog treats, and washed them down with some french fries, while also sneaking into the corner of the 11 o’clock news broadcast. It was definitely one of the more exciting Thursday nights we’ve had in a while!

2015-07-09 21.46.14



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