Craftiest house on the street

Because of our awesome window decorations!

Most houses on our block go all out for Christmas. Not us – we’re too lazy to put up and take down lights in the cold and rain. And I refuse to fill our garage full of bins and bins of stuff we don’t use. I’m a sucker for cheap and easy seasonal crafts – like my cocktail umbrella wreath and spring vegetable wreath.

This fall, I decided to deviate from the wreath thing. My housemate and I were inspired by the table decor we saw at Crate and Barrel – these black and glitter fold-out silhouettes you can place on a mantel or buffet table. We decided to blow it up a few times, omit the glitter (Wilson has an aversion to glittery decor…my glitter pumpkin goes missing each year), and tape it to the front windows. All it took was a couple of sheets of black posterboard, pencil, an exacto knife, scissors, and tape.
The windows were a royal pain to cut out, but the results are pretty fantastic, right? The neighbors must have thought we were crazy out in the rain on a Tuesday night taking photos of our windows – Halloween decor isn’t huge in our neighborhood, so we’re definitely the most festive looking house on the street. We added some fake spider webs, and now I think it looks pretty fabulous.

The one downside: it’s already October 27th and they’ll be coming down soon!!


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