A rainy visit

Growing up in LA, rainy days were a luxury. Obviously, not so much here. Over the weekend, Helen, my college friend who is a born-and-bred Angeleno, came to visit, and Seattle decided to pour the entire time. Luckily, there’s no better person for it to rain on. Helen insisted her love for rain would not be shattered by experiencing late fall in the Pacific Northwest, despite my many warnings. So Wilson and I gave her a big Seattle welcome and took her hiking in the rain!


The trail down to the falls. Photo by Wilson

Seattle is gorgeous in any season, and Fall is the perfect time to see soggy foliage, drippy moss, and booming waterfalls. All wonderful qualities of our soggy state. So off we went – probably freezing Helen half to death. We went out to Snoqualmie Falls and Rattlesnake Lake. The falls were booming with all the rain – it was so misty you could barely see the waterfall through it – the rain jackets and umbrellas were a good call. Rattlesnake still hasn’t recovered from the drought this past summer – it looked like a post-apocalyptic no-man’s land. It was also frigidly cold and windy out there – and of course Wilson made us walk out there for a photo-op. (thanks, in hindsight, as always.)


Rattlesnake Lake – all that is usually covered by water. Photo by Wilson

Aside from the rainy sightseeing though, it was so fun to show Helen around Seattle, stay up late playing board games, and making 1AM grocery runs for snacks. Now I just need to convince her to move here so we can be roommates and it’ll be just like our college days! 

A brief clear moment at Gasworks Park. Photo by Wilson.


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