Books in good company

The holiday season has flown by in a blur. Between travel, school, holiday party season, and being in mid-finals mode, it’s been go-go-go around here.With how busy we are this year, I wish the holiday season could be extended so I could relax and enjoy it some more. I would absolutely love to spend an extra week baking cookies, delivering gifts, listening to Christmas music, and basically delighting in the cozyness of the season. We found some time in there to put up our first Christmas tree (yay!), see the Holiday Pops concert, and baaaarely scrape the surface of our shopping list. I’m just trusting it’ll all work itself out!

A few months ago, I gathered a group of girlfriends and started a book club – it was something we’d talked about doing for so long, and we finally decided to set up some guidelines, decide on a meeting date, and start reading! It’s been pretty wonderful – we meet once a month on a Wednesday, drink wine, eat lots of cheese, chat about the book we’re reading (currently Lean In – not cliche at all, but an essential), and catch up on life in general. It’s so lovely to slow down for an evening, curl up on the couch, and discuss our careers, relationships, and and goals. And amid the general craziness of the holiday season, it’s just the thing to help me recenter and be thankful for the little things – like girlfriends, cheese, and good conversation. 🙂


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