New year, new skills

… like learning how to make a gif! (using a meme generator, but still.)

Last year we ushered in 2015 with an impromptu trip out to the Olympic National Forest. This year we didn’t really have the luxury of time (thanks to my academic calendar) so instead we went for a morning snowshoe near Snoqualmie Pass at Lower Gold Creek Basin.2016-01-03 12.47.19

Wilson and I tried snowshoeing for the first time last year, and enjoyed it so much we decided to get them as a gift to ourselves for Christmas. Snowshoes were also conveniently stocked at Costco so we decided to embrace some more Pacific Northwestern outdoorsyness in our lives this year :). It’s been a great year for snow, and I hope we’ll be able to get out more and use them. Anyway- once we got off the main path of the trail (I had no idea snowshoeing was so popular in these parts!) it was a gorgeous walk through the wilderness.2016-01-03 13.19.29

There is something so fascinating and fun about a thick sheet of fresh, untouched snow – and few things as satisfying as tromping through it! I grew up as a snow-deprived kid in southern California, so snow is always exciting and magical. As we were driving out to the trail, we saw thick swaths of snow layered on top of trees, roofs, freeway dividers — everything. It all reminded me of sugary, fluffy frosting (and made me kinda hungry. moving on.)

May the new year be a breath of fresh air and full of sweet possibilities.

2016-01-03 13.49.19



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