Ringing the Nasdaq bell

Happy Friday! It’s been such an exhausting, eventful week – between midterms, work, and Wilson being gone, I’m glad it’s behind me. Staying up until 1am every night working on Econ was really catching up to me. Anyway, now that that’s all over and the future is looking much brighter, I feel like I can finally breathe a little. I treated myself to chicken tikka masala wrap from Pike Place for lunch today (amaaazing), and bought Valentine donuts from the mini donut vendor for the team – it’s a pretty good Friday. And Wilson gets home from China tomorrow morning! It’s going to be a wonderful weekend.

zillow cupcakes

Lots and lots of Z cupcakes – and the benefit of sitting next to the events
marketing team is that you get to help finish the leftover cupcakes!

This past Wednesday was Zillows’ 10th Anniversary, and normally it’s not very eventful at work, but they rolled out the big guns and had Nasdaq come out from New York and ring the closing bell from Seattle at Benaroya Hall. The only other time they’ve ever moved it from NYC was for Starbucks’ 30 years, so we must know some people up there. We got to be in the crowd cheering, and let me tell you, clapping and cheering for two minutes straight is actually quite tiring! And much to my disappointment, the Nasdaq “bell ringing” is not actually a bell… its just a podium and screens. With some epic music playing. The crowd claps, people on the stage wave and pose, and they edit in the sound of the bell later. If you watch the YouTube video, there’s a bell sound at the end (the video’s not that exciting unless you know who’s on stage – note: not me), but there was no bell, sound or otherwise, when they filmed us. Maybe it’s different in New York, but it was still a really cool experience, and we were projected on the big screens in Times Square. One thing checked off the bucket list, I guess!

  The podium/stage. The lady on the left was the one gesturing for us to all
keep cheering. And yes, I had a front row seat 🙂


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