Dreaming of spring

Spring in the Pacific Northwest is such a tease. We had one, glorious, sunny and warm 60 degree day on Saturday.It was warm enough to roll down the windows, turn up the music, and put on sunglasses – and BOOM, the next day I look up the forecast and we have two weeks of lightning and rain coming our way. Such a tease.

I snuck in a quick visit to the cherry blossoms at the central plaza while running late to class (can’t forget to stop and smell the flowers). The cherry blossoms on campus are one of my favorite things about spring here – when they’re in full bloom, they look like little sticks of cotton candy in the quad – how dreamy!

UW cherry blossoms

The cherry blossoms – I managed to catch them early in the AM before the crowds descended. In the words of my classmate, it’s a rave if you go later in the day.

On the bright side, the rainy weather keeps me inside working on the last of my finals. Two more to go and I am officially on spring break! Instead of waiting for the sun to come back, I’ll be heading home to LA and Newport Beach for a college friend’s wedding, and New Orleans for Wilson’s 30th birthday! It’s going to fly by way too fast, I already know it, but I’m going to enjoy all the sunshine and free time while I can! Also on the to-do list is cleaning out our donation pile, organizing the pantry, and finding someone to fix our leaky skylight. Ugh, adulting hard here.

UW cherry blossoms

My campus brochure photo. UW has such a different feel from the ’70s concrete-box architecture the UCs are so famous for. It has the old brick buildings, grand architecture, and that “academic institution” feel that UCSD never had. (Don’t get me wrong- I’m a Triton for life!)

As I chip away at my exams, I’m also planning Wilson’s 30th birthday party. We do a breakfast-for-dinner party at our place every year, where we set up a waffle or pancake bar and invite friends over, but I’m thinking since it’s the big 3-0 we need to class it up and go out! Maybe a nice diner or something that serves breakfast ’round the clock? I’ve also been brainstorming birthday cake ideas. In past years we’ve had a sprinkled mini-donut cake and mini-cinnabon cake (this guy has a serious sweet tooth, I kid you not…just like yours truly). I was thinking of just ordering a nice rich chocolate cake and calling it a day, but in a stroke of fate I saw a recipe for a belgian waffle cake today on Sprinkle Bakes – I think I may have found the perfect cake (depending on how much time I have)! I’ll keep you posted.


Excuse the ugly reflection of my campus permit – but the median divider on the main road by our place is bursting at the seams with daffodils! Definitely my other-favorite-thing about spring.


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