Birthday in the Big Easy

Our annual friends trip has been months in the making – NOLA for Wilson’s 30th! We had the greatest celebration surviving a southern downpour, eating Domino’s in the lobby of the Ritz at 2am, eating too many beignets, eating butter disguised as food, eating, eating, and more eating… I’m on a salad detox this week, but it’s totally and completely worth it.


I love these clowns – the best Seattle family we could ask for!

This trip was such a needed break from work, school, and life in general – after surviving the most intense quarter, ever (I am thankful I never need to do another microeconomics problem set ever again). I’ve been daydreaming about NOLA since the first week of the quarter – and thanks to my busy schedule Wilson took the reigns and did most of the rallying and planning – not an easy task for a group of 10. But he did such an amazing job (we somehow got first class tickets and good rates at the Ritz – I told him he better top this for my 30th). We all had such a blast and are so thankful for all our friends who flew in from all over to join us.


post-mimosa brunch at the Palace Cafe


Some highlights of the weekend:

  • Getting stuck in a downpour at Pat O’Briens with our hurricanes. And trying to rescue the goldfish in a bag some drunk guy was holding so he wouldn’t drink it.
  • Buying matching cat tank tops for probably way too much $ (worth it).
  • Ordering Domino’s in the lobby of the Ritz at 2am. We’re real classy like that.
  • Being identified as Pacific Northwesterners because of our high-end rain gear (everyone else was in ponchos). A little rain doesn’t scare us Seattleites!


  • Braving the cold in search of live jazz
  • Experimenting with FaceSwap in all friend combinations and cackling over them at the bar…and over dinner.
  • Spinning around the Carousel bar with our drinks and glittery masks
  • Taking the streetcar to the Garden District to admire the pretty southern houses… and then piling out as soon as we see a Cold Stones. Priorities.



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