Happy 30th Birthday, Mel!


Here’s an oldie but a goodie for my sister’s 30th birthday. So crazy that we used to be those drunk little hooligans – as we get older I really have the greatest respect for all parents. As adorable as tiny humans are, they are work. Clearly a sign that I’m not ready for kids (guilty confession: I beg my best friend weekly to not have kids yet). Anyway, obviously Melody and I were perfectly behaved little angels, and today she turns 30! Whaaat.

While going through some old photos to find the one that perfectly demonstrates what a great influence she was (ha), it really hit me what adults we’ve become. I mean it certainly doesn’t feel like it – our stream of cute animal videos and purchases of poodle paraphernalia suggest otherwise – but shoot, we’ve come a long way from the days when we’d fight over barbies, tear down the living room curtain rods playing ballet studio, and argue endlessly about nothing (glad those high school years are over). And now she’s going into her fourth decade – yikes, that sounds older than she is. Happy birthday Mel – wishing we could go shopping, bake a cake, cuddle with Molly, and get inspired to create some Pinterest fails today.


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