Deception Pass

A holiday is a big deal around here. I haven’t had two consecutive days off since spring break in March, so of course we had to make the most of Memorial Day weekend. After taking a day trip up to Vancouver with my classmates on Saturday – which was a blast and filled with SO much good food, which is why I’m on a salad detox now – we high tailed it back to Seattle, passed out at 2am, and were back up at 7:30 to drive up to Deception Pass. Crazy, right? It’s go big or go home. After much coffee to fend off exhaustion, it was the perfect day for a hike!

Photo of Deception Pass taken by Wilson – doesn’t the clear water make it look like we’re somewhere a lot warmer? You can see the Deception Pass bridge in the distance.

I’ve heard a lot about Deception Pass, but have never been – my mom’s friend has a painting of the view above her fireplace that I’ve looked at a bunch of times over the years, so when some friends asked if we were down for a hike on Memorial Day, I was totally down to see it in real life. I’m glad we toughed it out (who needs sleep) and went, because Deception Pass turned out to be spectacular. The May gray we’ve been having finally decided to clear up and give us some sun so we got the gorgeous views of the islands, and the clear water underneath – we even spotted a bald eagle at one point! Have I mentioned that I love the Pacific Northwest? We walked down to the shore and found a spot for a picnic, and hiked around the area before it got too congested with the holiday crowds. Now I just need another day off to recover from the weekend…

 The view from the Summit – taken by Wilson


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